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Commander Hira Shepard, Alliance Navy.
Born and raised Alliance.
N7 Infiltrator, Council Spectre
One-turian kind of woman.
[but an assassin stole my heart as well]
Don't ask about Torfan.

(independent RP/ask blog, set in ME3, will happily RP with anyone. No smut.
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Anonymous inquired: "You appear to keep to yourself, coming off as anti-social or considering yourself better than others."

Do tend to be anti-social. “Better than others”…can see how that would come across.

Anonymous inquired: "There are two sides to a coin. If you want to be able to get the job done right you have to play along with the media. You're a Spectre, not an agent, you'll have to get used to the idea that you're a public figure now."

-glares- I’m not a hero, and whoever cast me as one needs to get his or her head examined.

And I’d appreciate it if the media would back off and let me do my damn job.

((Ooh, nonnie, you hit a sore spot. Very good, I’m glad you saw this. ))