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Commander Hira Shepard, Alliance Navy.
Born and raised Alliance.
N7 Infiltrator, Council Spectre
One-turian kind of woman.
[but an assassin stole my heart as well]
Don't ask about Torfan.

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grant-me-forgiveness inquired: "☱ [ bring on the sniper bro feels ]"


Seems he’s as much of a trouble-maker as I am. Caught me rearranging Mordin’s lab. Was very helpful, he had some good ideas. Have to take him with me next shore leave.

cats-inthe-cradle inquired: "☱ [ doit ]"


Wasn’t sure about having a child on board. Warship’s not the safest place. Seems to be alright so far, though. Think he and Thane need the time together. Will find safe place for him when we’re prepared for Omega-4.

Have to admit, nice to have him around. Cute, keeps things interesting.

major-kirrahe inquired: "☱"


Strong leader. Did not see in combat, but can assume Kirrahe is capable. Still alive. Also assume fond of speeches. Was somewhat long-winded, but likely bolstered his team. Is willing to do whatever it takes. Look forward to working with him again if necessary.

tank-baby inquired: "☱"


Working well with the team so far. Engineers expressed concern about having him on the same level; believe concerns to be baseless. Grunt shows little genuine hostility, seems to have a practical mindset. Almost an innocence to him. Makes sense, considering he’s only been out of the tank a week.

mostlysobersecurity inquired: "☱"


Dependable. Somewhat naive. Good cook. Reports are improving. Fondness for alcohol slightly worrying, but hasn’t had any problems so far.

hannahshepard inquired: "Happy Birthday, my adorable little girl. I hope that you had a great one (and I really hope that one of your friends forced you to wear a "birthday girl" party hat. They're nice kids, I'm sure they did something). I'm so proud of the woman you grew up to be. Be good, sweetpea. I love you. [P.S. I -did- get you a gift, but I'd rather give it to you in person. You don't mind, do you?]"

[REPLY]: Thanks, Mom. Was a good day, actually. And sorry to disappoint, but no, they know better than that.

Don’t mind at all. Let me know where you want to meet. Love you.

spectrewolf inquired: "[Message] I hope my 'get out of Shane bugging you for a day' coupons got there safely. Also, you'll find five gold tokens for the Armax Arena in your account there. Figured you may have had less time than me to fight fake opponents, Miss Workaholic. Should help give you a challenge when you use 'em. Happy birthday. Heh."

[REPLY]: They got here. Might actually have to check out the arena when I have the time, assuming you don’t try to drag me there. Thanks, Shane.

grant-me-forgiveness inquired: "Among the day's supplied delivered to the cargo bay is a large box of undetermined origin with no label at to its contents, addressed only to one Cmdr Shepard of the SSV Normandy. Inside is a brand new, spotless Widow rifle, disassembled and packaged with obviously painstaking care. Attached to the barrel is a simple handwritten note. "Perhaps it is best if you do not inquire as to the origin of the funds for this present. May it be of use to you and guard you where I cannot any longer. -T""

She doesn’t hear the datapad in her hand clatter against the floor, nor does she hear Cortez asking if everything’s alright. After a few long moments she finally moves, running her hand along the smooth metal; it almost surprises her when her hand doesn’t travel through it.

She smiles, a wide warm smile, and types out a message on her omnitool. Then she carries the box to the weapons bench, where she stays for the rest of the morning.

[MESSAGE]: Mentioned recently that you’re the best?

major-kirrahe inquired: "[ ( AU: Look After Him For Me) Do you have any aspirations or hopes for Koylat?If not, does he ever mention what he wants to be when he grows up? ]"

He hasn’t made any mention of it to me, and I haven’t asked. Mostly just hope that he’s happy and knows that he matters. Be nice if his nightmares stopped, but not really anything we can do about that.

drsolus inquired: "Greetings! Good tidings! As expression goes. Believed your birthday. Decided to send gifts, should you choose to... celebrate in private. Ointments. Complimentary. Should be quite useful. Enjoy! --MS"

Heh. Appreciate it, Mordin. Thanks.

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