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Commander Hira Shepard, Alliance Navy.
Born and raised Alliance.
N7 Infiltrator, Council Spectre
One-turian kind of woman.
[but an assassin stole my heart as well]
Don't ask about Torfan.

(independent RP/ask blog, set in ME3, will happily RP with anyone. No smut.
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amasterthief replied to your post: Claimed

That seems just as annoying to me as it is for you. -laughs-

-smirks- Glad we agree.

playingwithashadow inquired: "Claimed"


4 days with me chained to their side

Ah, let’s not. We both have things to do.


Wouldn’t be as fun without an exception every now and then. Just relax. Have some fun tonight, Shep.

-she smiles faintly- I will.

Going to join me, or do you already have plans?


Of course. -returns the smirk- Your position gives you a lot of perks you know.

Hm, true. Try not to abuse it most days. But today I think I’ll make an exception.


Smuggle the alcohol into the shooting range. Don’t you have one in the Spectre office anyway? -grins-

…That could work. That would work. -smirks briefly- Thanks, Kasumi.

Why not both?

Not a bad idea. But where am I going to find both? Shooting ranges frown on alcohol and bars frown on shooting things.

playingwithashadow inquired: "[What's the craziest memory that Hira can think of involving the Normandy crew?]"

There’s a few good ones. Joker had the bright idea of karaoke night, after we left Noveria. Alcohol got involved. Was a good show for the one who remained sober. -smirks-

But I think the strangest was when the crew got drunk after the Collector base. Honestly don’t remember it very well, but I swear I saw Grunt running around the crew deck with Jack sitting on his shoulder, both shouting “I am Krogan” at the top of their lungs.

No. Nevro evern. I woe you my life, shep. THat can’t be made up. Osi fi you die, I cna’t even try.

You’ve saved my ass a few times too, Kasumi. Don’t owe me anything.

And I have no intentions of dying anytime soon.

playingwithashadow inquired: "Sehpa.. No. Andi know just how'sd you die. You'rte the one with all the heroisc.s Youm ight nt talk about it but you are. Andi 'm telling you now, no. Be selfish. cuz I'm gonna be sad if you go. I owet oyu so mcuh."

-chuckles- I’ll see what I can do, Kasumi. But selfishness might not be an option.

As for owing me, -shakes her head- You’ve been a good friend. We’re even, at the very least.