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Commander Hira Shepard, Alliance Navy.
Born and raised Alliance.
N7 Infiltrator, Council Spectre
One-turian kind of woman.
[but an assassin stole my heart as well]
Don't ask about Torfan.

(independent RP/ask blog, set in ME3, will happily RP with anyone. No smut.
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An’ you’re an ass. We done with th’ name callin’?

Suppose so. For now.


Excuse you. I am not a blockhead. *she snorts, tucking the datapad into one of the larger pockets in her pants*

-she smirks- Right. You’re a brat.


I didn’t start anything. *she snorts, shaking her head. She checks the datapad for damage and finds it still in good shape* Heh. Hardy li’l piece o’ equipment, tho. 

-she nods in approval- Withstood two blockheads. Pretty impressive.


*she yelps like a dog when the datapad whaps her upside the head. She scowls, grabbing her head* Verdammt Arschloch! *she takes the datapad back then smacks the woman in the shoulder*

-she snickers, wincing when the datapad hits her shoulder- Ow! You started it, Shane. -she rubs her shoulder, a broad smirk on her face-


*she blinks a little before squinting then handing it over* All right… 

-takes the datapad and bops Shane on the head- Yep, it’s well built.

drsolus inquired: "Team Battle."
  • Intro - “Here we go.”
  • Giving a thanks to your muse - “Appreciate it, Professor.”
  • Need help from your muse - “Mordin, if you could get your ass over here.”
  • When your muse is defeated - “Oh no you don’t. Still have work to do, c’mon.”
  • Victory - *brief smile*

Send me the word “Team Battle”  

And I will give the following quotes with your muse during a team battle:

  • Intro
  • Giving a thanks to your muse
  • Need help from your muse
  • When your muse is defeated during the battle while I stand alone
  • Victory (with and/or without your muse)


-settles in the armory and starts cleaning her Widow rifle-

I wanna know something 


Reblog if it’s alright with you if I name drop or make reference to your muse in an RP you are not in


Yeah…Yeah, I guess. / She sighs./

Sorry, Commander.

Thank you, Lieutenant.